Monday, October 11, 2010

2010.10.11 Monday

Went to work super drowsy.

Skateboarding after work was fun, until I started hitting my shin on the edge of the board. I forgot how often that could happen. Many years ago my shins used to be pretty tough about that, now I have to take a breather to accept the pain. I'm becoming *gasp* weak.

Finally got caught up some stuff around the house. More specifically, my room. Vacuuming, cleaning, organizing. Not a lot to talk about. And I finally calculated some music statistics.
Started 02/02/2010
Album Count: 1290
Tracks Listened: 14,789

Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.464
Average Year Album was Released: 2000.761
Time Listened: 1020hrs 51mins 50secs
Days Listened: 42.536 days
Digital Size of Music: ~112GB

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