Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010.10.01 Friday

Woke up at a reasonable time. Actually, got a fair amount of sleep in, and it was much appreciated. Spent some time waking up, looking up directions, then booked it over to Mable Davis Park.

Kelc and I were expecting to meet an old friend, but he didn't show up. Later we find out that he was up too late the night before and slept through everything. Habs showed up with his DSLR camera and took some sweet action shots of me. (Makes me wonder how much a fish eye lens is, and how difficult they are to work with) I landed a few heelflips, did some nice ollies, carved up the bowl, and manual'd a lowbox. Overall, I have a lot of room to improve, but considering that I only started up a few weeks ago I'm doing pretty well. It doesn't help that landing a trick just makes me want to skate more.

We made it home, cooked a pizza, watched some Smallville, then I took a generous nap.

Had to wake up to head on over to UT to see Tosh Tour 2010. Good show, but the event staff suck. They are so concerned about keeping everybody herding like sheep that it's rather distracting. I feel like years ago, they didn't have a bunch of staff standing around to watch you watch a show.

Went home, sleep.

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