Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009.05.28 Thursday

So I'm starting my trek to work, and something doesn't seem right. Yep, flat tire. Alright so pull the car around and get on some flat ground, get a pump out and see if the tire will hold air. Hmm, it wont get past 30psi on the meter, and when I turn off the pump I can hear air leaking out. Sweet. So time to jack up the car and pop the spare on. Then pump that up and head to discount tire co to patch it up. Oh wait, the gash is right at the edge of the treads, so new tire. Great, probably going to be about 150 bucks right? WRONG, I totally got the warranty last time, so cost? free. tag another warranty on the new tire? 16 bucks. Not bad. I could have had a really poopy morning, but things turned out pretty well. Thanks to my dad for the help. This was a good learning experience.

Crawfish etoufee day. Woo woo.

Then I did a bunch of chore stuff at home, and headed out to the lake house late.

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