Monday, May 11, 2009

2009.05.09 Saturday

Edgefest 19. I'll update this later.

K so we got there not too long after the gates opened. We watched Drive A on the main stage, 10 Years, a couple of other bands on the side stage, then Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday and another band I already forgot the name of. Kelc can probably help me out with the ones I left out.

Lunch, we ate at Pizza Hut park. Talk about awesome, we got a nachos, personal pizza and a soda for 20 bucks. What a steal. To add to the awesome value that is edgefest, our 'assigned seats' had the view blocked to BOTH stages. So much for that crap.

We took the toll roads back home just in time to watch another one of Lindsey's dance ensemble performance. After that we grabbed some grub at Qdoba (2 very filling meals for about 13 bucks).

Over the course of the day, I started thinking about how much everything is such a ripoff. They're making a ton of money on concessions (and you cant bring in food or water for yourself), they advertise a ton, they have booths set up to buy stuff you dont need, the bands only play a handful of songs, had to pay for parking, had to pay for toll roads and gas... this shit is ridiculous.

I really want to just make my own music and collaborate with people. I think I just want to make it for fun too, stuff that people can enjoy listening to, and I enjoy making. Screw big businesses.

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Kelcey said...

we saw...

main stage (ms): Drive A
little stage (ls): Aranda
ms: 10 Years
ls: Framing Hanley
ms: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
ls: Anberlin
ms: The Used
Taking Back Sunday