Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009.05.23 Saturday

Ah sleep. Got a fair amount of that. Today Kelc and I assisted my family in moving some things around so that we can get new carpet put in upstairs. That was pretty exhausting.

I went and picked up food for everybody, and Taco C actually got the order wrong. That never happens when it's just my food. Well, actually I can't blame the entire establishment. The girl taking our order had to confirm with me 3 times what a "half-dozen" really means. (just one of those signs that our society is going down the pooper). Also, we just grabbed our order and ran out the door before confirming everything was correct. I thought the bag seemed a bit small for 4 meals-worth. Oh well, I drove back and one of the cooks put my missing piece first in his queue and apologized. I can't get mad at that.

After that, Kelc and I went off to hang out with Nick and celebrate the weekend with some grillin. It seems like we celebrated fire and all it's awesomeness more, but that was still fun. We also went to plucker's to watch some of the basketball game and get drinks/appetizers.

Then... we went over to Ashely's appartment and met some new people and enjoyed some cold beverages. There was an interesting flux of people coming and going. And surprise super-late visit by Boy Taylor and Andrea. Haven't really seen them since X-mas time. They're going on a adventure to other lands soon. Excited to hear about that.

And wow, it's like 4am... probably should go home now.

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