Friday, December 11, 2009

2009.12.11 Friday

Woke up and felt pretty groggy and gross. Sucks having a cold.

Spent an hour and half fixing my record player. This thing has been spinning closer to 34.5-35 rpm instead of 33.3333. And the way sony made it sucks. The speed adjustment screws are on the bottom of the player, but you need to adjust it so you also want to have stuff playing while adjusting. Sucks.

I got it sounding pretty good. After about 1.5-2 minutes, a song played simultaneously digitally will start to un-sync and give a heavy echo sound. Good enough for me. the high speed made some songs sound weird, but now all is well.

I should really just get a new turntable instead of wasting time on this, but I'll wait till after Christmas, maybe even after vacation, to buy a new player. There are so many choices, I can't decide.

Worked on my car some, and music the rest.

Then began the long and treacherous trek to Arlington.

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