Monday, December 7, 2009

2009.12.05 Saturday

Woke up early to go all the way downtown. Watched Trey graduate. Can't believe he made it. So proud of him. In your face Patt?

Went out with his family to Rudy's afterwards. His family reminds me of mine.

Off to HEB to start cooking up some chicken recipe I found online. Ended up forgetting a few ingredients and just saying screw it.

Took a nap during the Florida - Alabama game. Alabama came out victorious by a large margin, which I feel surprised a lot of people.

The Texas - Nebraska game was pretty disgusting how badly both teams were playing. It all came down to a last-second 46 yard field goal. Wow.

Went to a party after that, Boy Taylor and Andrea. Didnt stay for long because I was so tired.

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