Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009.12.01 Tuesday

The days of Christmas are upon us. I remember this time last year when I was winding down my classes and preparing for finals/graduation. The weather was not so cold and not so rainy. Ending my senior year with only a few classes and part-time job definitely made me grow up a lot. Heck, college in general is what really launched me into life and such.

Anyways, more work today. I had a good feeling about this before it even happened, but they are shifting me off the project I've been on for the past 10 months because of some silly management. I'm actually not upset or surprised, but I think what other people in the company are doing is silly. At least with the new year comes new tasks and changes. Change is good.

Went to discount tire co after work today to get my tires rotated. They tried to sell me some protection plans and balancing stuff, just said no and my total came out to $0.00 I also had to drive my car out of the garage because the guy who did my tires didnt want to drive a stick shift. I appreciate him not trying and messing something up, and I think he did a good job too. Speedy and precise (or is it accurate).

Ate an entire pizza for dinner. Close to 1500 calories, 68g fat, 48g protein. Holla!

Messed with recording equipment around the house, yadda yadda yadda.

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