Friday, March 27, 2009

2009.03.26 Thursday

Today I went to a really awesome presentation titled "The Natural Philosophy of the Theory of Everything" To summarize, it was about the evolution of physics and how we as human beings are definitely showing advanced thinking capability... and how we've gone down to what makes up matter, what makes up atoms.. and what makes up the stuff within that. Essentially as you "zoom-in" or "zoom-out", there are alternating waves of high concentrations and empty spaces. To explain this a bit better, lets think outside of earth for a bit; our solar system is huge besides the large distances between planets, if we clump it together-practically surrounded by nothing.. then there is our galaxy which is a clump of stars- also kinda surrounded by nothing. Now lets go down to atoms; a proton's diameter is 1,000,000 times smaller than the diameter of an electron's orbiting cloud-plenty of room in there.

Essentially, physicists consider matter (or mass) to be just energy (kinda what Einstein's theory of relativity states). The things in life that we consider to be substance are really just a positive and negative energies waiting to recombine.

Also, even when we are touching something, in actuality we are feeling electromagnetic repulsion. We never actually 'touch' anything.

All in all, good presentation that was presented very well. I feel like I've already come to terms with a lot of the conclusions aforementioned, but there was a lot of other substance that was new to me. (Kinda like how gravity is not really there)

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