Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009.03.25 Wednesday

Well, hump day is winding down. How the heck is it already past mid-week? Well, I kinda already know the answer to that question; I didn't work Monday and part of Tuesday.

I need to hurry up and plug in the new hard drive I got a few weeks back and make sure there isn't anything wrong with it. A trillion bytes... 8 trillion bits... and a whole lot of formatting time.

I spent most of the evening playing around with some things musically. I think writing percussion parts is fun and creative, but after hearing a beat repeat over and over I feel like it doesn't have the same magic. Probably just being picky. I still need to write up the percussion parts, adapt some guitar riffs, write up some lyrics, and redo some vocals.

*sigh* I need to push hard to get this done... only 2 months behind schedule. Oh, and my brother+dad made an agreement to do some TV shifting; we now have a 52" in the living room, and my brother has a 40 or 42" in his bedroom. The real question is... does size matter?

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