Friday, January 30, 2009

2009.01.27 Tuesday

Work today wasnt too bad. Each day I'm getting a chunk of this task completed. It feels like I've been doing the last few bits and pieces before calling it 'finished', but there's always something else to do with the work.

I got home and was able to get KQ6 working with voice. The only thing that doesnt work is the opening scene; it has something to do with a batch file that executes the game not finding a video decompressor. Back in the day, games came in rather compact sizes and rather compressed, but also tons of mini files that allowed compatibility between various hardware setups. Today, if you want to write a game for Windows users, you dont have to bother with what type of sound card or video card is in the system; developers used to have to program all of that by hand for each game.

Anyways, I also was able to get Kelc set up on the old-school fun. Now we can play together from a distance.

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