Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2008.01.20 Tuesday

Work today was odd. I got in at my normal early time, but instead of being drowsy and slow I jumped up and got a fairly large chunk of things completed.

Then before lunch (during some of the Inauguration), I was given an official informal tour of the labs that contain the equipment I will be supporting. It's pretty amazing to think about how many years of development went into this project, and then see the technology used to support and test it all. Also, there's a whole new sector to the project that I can't really talk too much about. Yay for signing away some freedom of speech.

Oh well. The secrets we keep here, keep people alive elsewhere.

Traffic was worse than yesterday since a lot of people had the day off for MLK. I'm starting to consider indirect routes home, or even toll roads. I was mostly starving when I got home. It was almost a tortellini day, but my madre just cooked up a ton of angel hair pasta to use for various things. One of these days, my siblings and I will not be at home, and there will be a ton of leftovers all the time. I've tried convincing madre to cut back on things, but I have yet to see a difference.

Kelc and I watched a movie cross-state like we normally do. This time it was the movie Speak. Not a bad story, but kinda bleh at the same time. Oh, and whoever did the production and encoding to put it out on DVD did a really crappy job. My eyes hurt and I now have a headache. I think they recorded normal movie frame rate, but used a weird algorithm for converting to TV frame rate. Horrendous. I think Showtime Productions released the movie, we should send anger letters so they redo that disc.

Other than beating Kelc at a shower race, that's most of what happened on my side of the world.

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