Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013.01.31 Thursday

Well, today is Hasbro's final day.  He had a good run, he will be missed.

To celebrate, a lunch outing to Pappadeaux's.  We had a pretty sizable group, and gifted a few good items to send him on his way.

After lunch, Hasbro and I went home.  I already had put in more than enough time for the week, and Hasbro no longer could get into the buildings at work, so no point in going back.  We both took naps and prepared for the evening events...

Flying Saucer at the triangle.  A different sizable group showed up to have drinks and chit chat through the night.  Guest of honor ended up leaving early on, and I was the one of the last 3 people to leave.  Fun day, fun night, fun memories.

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