Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008.12.03 Wednesday

Last school-hump day. Yay! Classes were awesome; I feel like my mind was raped with review material for the upcoming finals. Two finals on Friday, both in just 50 minute segments. I'm probably going to be brain dead after the tests, but oh wait... I'm still going to have another class to go to after that. At least then I'll be done with classes.

After some slight blog-blackmailing, it's good to see that RayRay started up his blog. It asks a very good question though; What is the deal with toothpaste? Dentists recommend it like it's comparable to drinking water, just part of life. What did people do before toothpaste? Why is it that animals don't bother with toothpaste when brushing their teeth? This flouride stuff, who determined that would be good to slather all over m
y pearly-yellows?

Oh well, back to some studying. *sigh* at least I can see that finish-line, sorta.

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Kelcey said...

before toothpaste, peoples' teeth rotted and fell out
toothpaste is tiny little rocks (I've read that sea shells are most common) that scrape all the germs and plaque off your teeth, the gel stuff is just to make it a larger solid or whatever and then later we got flavor added too

flouride...well I can't explain that one