Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010.07.30 Friday

Work is again pretty busy and hectic, but at the same time not rushed. I guess you could say it's just more involved. I get caught up in things, and everybody has their own schedule, so sometimes I miss lunch. Today, as you will read, is probably not a good day to skip out on meals.

After work, I was planning on taking a nap. This did not happen. I've been pushing a rather consistent schedule of <6hrs per night. Instead, I ran some errands and got things around the house ready for the craziness that was about to happen.

We tapped the keg around 8pm to get things into the ready state. That also means I was about 2 beers in before people started showing up. Whoops. I remember some keg stands, some shots here and there, skateboarding, lots of great friends.

One thing I need to remember: Once you start falling asleep, you need to either dedicate to sleep or wake up. If you try to stay in this limbo, the world starts spinning and your body just starts feeling disgusting. So I had to purge a little. :-( Then I definitely went to sleep.

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