Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010.08.11 Wednesday - Vegas

Woke up today with some extra time before we needed to check out of the hotel. Ate some breakfast stuff, watched tv, showered, packed, relaxed. Check out took even longer than check-in. What happens during check-out and check-in? I have no idea, but it takes too long.

Grabbed a cab to In-N-Out. Best thing of the west. If you don't like it, you can geeeeeeeeeeet ouuuuut.

After a filling lunch, we went casino hopping to all the places we had been avoiding thus far. Aria, Bellagio, Ceasar's Palace (not the real one).

The group stopped to grab a bite at a little cafeteria, then trekked on back to Encore. We had too much time to kill and no desire to gamble anymore, so we left for the airport early.

Unfortunately, our plane arrived at the airport late. Meaning we had plenty of time to kill at the airport... sitting next to a bunch of slot machines. I waited in a huge line for overpriced subway sandwich.

*forgot to mention* Jason Dick (morning show for 101x) just happened to be in Vegas at the same time as us. Habs attempted to organize a meetup, but we all had our own stuff going on. Well, surprise...he was on the same flight home as us. Chatted up a bit.

Taylor picked us up. Big thanks to Taylor for taking care of the house, the plants, and the ride. And now with this time change, I couldn't get to sleep until 3am.

Gambling Stats

Daily Net:
Sunday up $56.56
Monday down $201.00
Tuesday down $154.00
Wednesday up $39.00

Running Total:
Sunday up $56.56
Monday down $144.44
Tuesday down $298.44
Wednesday down $259.44

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