Saturday, August 7, 2010

2010.08.07 Saturday

Woke up, played a bit of Ace Combat. I spent so much time on Hard difficulty that bumping up to Expert feels a lot different.

Got the stuff together, and performed an oil change on my car. I did my best to keep oil from getting everywhere, but of course wind gusts out of nowhere shoot little drops over everything. Wind gusts only happen underneath my car somehow. I'm getting this down pretty well now, soon I'll be pro.

Also, quick glance at other fluid levels in the car, seems like everything is alright for now. I'll probably take it to a service center to get an evaluation, and I can take it to discount tire co to get tires rotated. For the most part, Discount Tire Co is a good business in my book. Also, Autozone. Have no idea how they are still making profits.

Had some leftovers for lunch. Spent the day contemplating what else I need for the trip. I spent some time putting music on my mp3 player, organizing some files, and playing Ace Combat again. I finally managed to finish S class on Expert Difficulty. Just need to do Ace difficulty (only a couple of levels to do). Made a quick run to HEB for some small items, and to the bank for some cash. I am going to Vegas after all.

Made myself a steak for dinner. Turned out medium well, and tasty with all kinds of seasoning. Ate a banana with what is left of my strawberries. Yum.

Tv, goofing around, packing, and trying to sleep.

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