Monday, August 2, 2010

2010.08.02 Monday

I had a few crazy dreams last night. Very intense, and had my heart beating pretty hard. I only remember one, so I guess that's what I'll explain.

I guess I was imagining myself in my teenage years, back when a good chunk of my neighborhood was empty lots with houses that were under construction. It was nighttime, and all was lit by streetlights. I was in a group of about 5 or 6, having a good old time just wandering around. Out of nowhere a pack of three douche bags comes and tries to ruin our fun night of exploration. Well, not sure what exactly happened next, or where this idea even came from, but one of the female group members I was with sorta casted a spell or did some type of witchcraft and one of the douches was dissolved into nothingness. But soon after, the girl said something about banishing him in such a way that the spirits, who just happened to be lingering in that area, were mad at us for doing that, and they might retaliate. Well the other two douches ran off after seeing one of their friends disintegrate into thin air. My group decided to try running off as well after hearing that the spirits were angry with what we did. Not too long after wandering around, the two douches return, eyes glowing with spiritized fury. Yeah the spirits have taken over the bodies of the douches and made them even more problematic than they should be. I don't know about any of you, but whenever I'm in a dream and trying to run, it's like I'm suddenly stuck in molasses and can't for the life of me go any faster. So to make up for the fact that I'm running in slow motion, my mind makes up the idea that I'm running in a deep swamp area, and somehow I now have an assault rifle. I eventually start heading to hide behind some bush in this swamp area, then the camera pans back to the douches that are following me, still filled with rage, but now dressed in some type of camo that works well in the swampy area, especially at night. I happened to pull some trickery while the camera was not focused on me. The guys are creeping along through the deep swampy waters, going towards a bush that is moving and creating ripples in the water. Obviously is looks like I'm doing a terrible job behind the bush. In reality, I wrapped a string through some branches and from a few meters away I was tugging on it to lure these guys to the bush. Then just as I was about to beat these possessed humans, I wake up with my heart racing. I think it was about 4am. Time to do some breathing exercises and meditation.

Work went by pretty smoothly. Didn't get a chance to go to the gym or really eat a full lunch, just a microwave meal.

Arrived home later than usual because I left work later and traffic fun. Tried out the cool near-new Peavey Reno 400 amp that I received as a generous hand-me-down from my Aunt. It used to be my Uncle's amp and he would hook up his acoustic electric to it. Just plugged in Hab's piano to it to see if it works. YEP. This thing gets pretty loud, though with the piano hooked up it seems like there was some noise in the lines.

Helped Habs with his Kawasaki Ninja. This time around, draining and flushing the coolant, and replacing the fluid. Not too different than an oil change, and not terribly complicated. None of this maintenance stuff really seems as intimidating as it used to. The only part that is scary is having to trust yourself that you did something correct because you are could be betting your life on it. So yeah that sounds scary, but think about how any maintenance shop has to deal with a lot of cars in one day. I feel like they have just as much of a chance of messing something up too. There are two main advantages they have over the average person: 1. they have plenty of tools, and 2. they have service manuals.

After we finished up as much of the coolant process as we could, I went back to playing around with that amp. The DIY pedal with that amp sounds tons better than that small amp I have. It also gets pretty crazy loud and has some interesting EQ adjustments. Maybe I should post a review about it since there is very little information online about it.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat, then ran off to a bunch of stores to check out luggage prices. JCpenney, Kohls, Ross, and Tuesday Morning. Well Tuesday Morning was already closed when I got there, but I got to see what everybody else has. Turns out that buying piece by piece, you'll probably get slightly better luggage, but it will cost a lot more. Or you can get 3-4-5-6-7 piece sets for roughly the price of 2 or 3 individual pieces. Also, if you buy a set, things will match (how cute). I can't decide what's most important for luggage.

Went home and Kelc arrived shortly thereafter. Grabbed a quick snack, watched a Smallville and then promptly fell asleep.

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