Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010.08.10 Tuesday - Vegas

Woke up really late from being out so late. Caught up on lots of good sleep. For breakfast/breffix/lunch, Justin and I went over to Strip Burger, not too far away from that food court place we went the first day. The prices weren't that terrible, and the food was really good. I was just unable to finish everything.

We then walked around the strip some, picked up some souvenir stuff, checked things out.

More gambling.

Then we went to the pool again. This time I was unable to find seating in the shade, so I only read one of the shorter short stories in my book and went back up to the room to put on aloe-vera preemptively.

Wasted time in the room watching tv and just goofing around. Considering how fast I can lose money elsewhere, this was a pretty good investment strategy.

The gang prepped a bit and headed to "downtown". They have some cheaper casinos and just a different atmosphere in this part of vegas. I started off doing well on craps, then somehow lost a chunk of change here or there. Spent a good portion of the rest of the night watching people play blackjack. I personally don't like playing blackjack; never that good at just knowing what to do.

Lots of time spent walking around and wearing myself out. Everybody was pretty tapped out, and caught a cab home. Even though I was pretty tired, I had a hard time sleeping this night. So I watched some Daily Show and Colbert Report.

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