Monday, August 9, 2010

2010.08.09 Monday - Vegas

Slept in pretty late. The black-out curtains are pretty fantastic and terrible at the same time. For breakfast, a banana and goldfish... then ate at the Drugstore at Wynn. Probably too much food, but whatever.

I'll put together a chart on the last day to track my gambling. I'll just say that today was definitely not a good day for me. Losses in slots and craps.

Best way to cut losses is to stop playing, so we did just that. Went out to the pool to catch some rays. Or if you are me and abnormally sensitive to UV rays, you sit in some shade. I was able to get in a good chunk of reading.

For dinner, we hit up a sushi place that is inside Encore. Tried some yellow tail courtesy of Habs, and at first it was pretty good, no joke. The flavors weren't terribly strong, the texture was fine, the temperature was a tad cold to my liking. A few moments later, the ugly side of fish flavor showed its face. There is just something about that fishy taste that gets to me. Makes me a sad panda. I ordered edamame and teriyaki chicken.

More gambling, more consuming of beverages, then a night out on the town.

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