Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010.08.21 Saturday

Woke up pretty late, and cooked some bacon again. Mmmm.

We all had some breakfast and relaxed mostly. Everybody is pretty sore. Then Mark and Nadia went on their way back home.

Kelc and I watched S. Darko and took an afternoon nap. I think some of the lines on the cover to S. Darko are misleading.

Kelc's mom then met us out at the lakehouse. We cooked a chicken dinner and took care of business around the house. Took the jetski out for a mini joy ride again. Surprisingly, her mom has never driven the jetski on her own. This might have been her second time to ride.

Finshed things at the lakehouse, then drove home, got changed from lake mode to guys-night mode. Ray and Paul are ready to hang out. My phone practically died when making a phone call to meet up. A couple text messages after that and everything turned off. Not bad considering I took it off the charger Thursday morning. We went out and had some fun. Made up for lost time.

5am was quickly near so I crashed pretty hard after a late Taco C run.

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