Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010.08.15 Sunday

Woke up super late today. Kitty needed lots of attention. My body is still exhausted from dealing with whatever is taking over.

Made myself get up (around 12:30) and Kelc and I went out to Plucker's for lunch. It's weird that I lack energy, yet I also lack appetite. After that, we walked around the mall some and bought some new swim trunks. I think buying out of season might be my new favorite method of shopping; back to school stuff--not on sale, summer clothing--on sale. Grabbed a quick snack at DQ.

Put those swimming trunks to good use and went to the neighborhood pool. Haven't been there in such a long time. Actually laid out a bit on some scorching pool furniture, working on my tan... out of season. I probably blinded a few of the kids there with my pasty white skin.

Went back to Kelc's house where somehow we had the idea of racing pizza. We got into an arguement about which pizza would arrive to the house fastest, and then other family members were also curious. Let the great pizza race commence. In all fairness, Kelc's phone order to Papa Johns took the shortest amount of time because she called directly and had them on file. My order through Mr. Gatti's had to go through a *sigh* automated phone system, which directed me to the Austin area Mr. Gatti's (our neighborhood is technically in Austin), so after attempting to place that order I was redirected to another location where they took my order, and up-sold me to a better deal (medium 1 topping delivered would come out to 14.something whereas a large 3 topping would be 9.99 plus a few bucks for delivery charge). Kelc's mom's call took a medium amount of time because she decided to pay over the phone by means of credit card and had to give all the information.

To put the information more simply:

Goal: Order one medium one-topping pizza for delivery.

Kelc's Results:
Pizza Brand: Papa John's
Pizza Size: Medium
Pizza Topping: Cheese
Call Time: ~2 minutes
Delivery Time: 29 minutes
Delivery Distance: 4.2 miles
Taste: Best, eaten fastest
Cost: $12.76

Andy's Results:
Pizza Brand: Mr. Gattis
Pizza Size: Large
Pizza Topping: Double Pepperoni
Call time: ~5 minutes
Delivery Time: 32 minutes
Delivery Distance: 5.1 miles
Taste: Good if you wanted meat, 2nd most eaten
Cost: $12.98

Kelc's Mom's Results:
Pizza Brand: Domino's
Pizza Size: Medium
Pizza Topping: Extra Cheese (to meet the minimum order allowable)
Call time: ~4 minutes
Delivery Time: 37 minutes
Delivery Distance: 7.4 miles
Taste: Good if you like cheese, least eaten
Cost: $13.25

So what does this all boil down to? Everything really depends on what is closest to you, and what your tastes are. Also, having a place that knows where you are and you are a regular customer will likely make the process much smoother. It seems to me that the variances aren't really that drastic. Also, going with specials can save you a pretty penny (like getting all that meat and a "larger" pizza for less). Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

Went home and watched a smallville. Felt tired and tried to sleep, but was quite restless. I wonder if that has something to do with all the pizza I just ate.

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