Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010.08.22 Sunday

Woke up around 9am. Cool? Went back to sleep and just laid around. My body is quite exhausted from this weekened. Watched some of Terminator: Salvation with the guys and then headed back home.

At home, I tried hydrating myself and grabbing a small snack. Ever since I've gotten this drainage into my lungs, I've lost most of my appetite. Kelc came over and we watched a couple Smallvilles. We are halfway through the 5th season now. Just a few more seasons to go and we'll be caught up. Also just found out that the tenth season that's starting this fall is the final. Good to know that we timed this just about perfect to be able to wrap up the whole series right in time.

Tonight we had dinner plans with Habibi and family and friends. Benihana. Pretty much a tradition. There were a few things different, but mostly the same. I think they took out eggs from their fried rice because of the recalls going on. Cool. Fred generously paid for the entire meal and shared sake with everyone. Many thanks to Fred.

After dinner, Kelc and I met up at Paul's place. He has 7 kittens, all just a few weeks old. If anybody wants some let me know. Watched some of the tail end of Mad Men, then back home to sleep.

Super packed weekend. Good times.

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