Monday, August 9, 2010

2010.08.08 Sunday - Vegas

*yawn* what time is it? oh... 5:30am. Fantastic. I didn't get but like 3 hours of sleep last night. Too excited. Before I forget, happy birthday Kelc. Packed up our crap, prepped the house, rolled on out. Arrived at the airport pretty much at the perfect time.

Arrived at the Encore pretty early. Almost too early. We had to wait to get checked in. I guess they get enough business that management at the Encore doesn't feel like optimizing the check-in process, so it takes each room around 7 minutes to check in. Dropped off our bags with the bag boys and adventured out onto the Strip... still early Sunday morning.

Even though it was on the early side, the sun managed to heat up the air quite well already. Feels like a hair dryer for your whole body. Ate at a cafeteria at the top floor of some building that has a space-ship looking thing outside. I had Panda Express, may or may not have been a good choice. Seems like they served reheated leftovers, but the magical lights they use at the counter make the food look amazing prior to purchase.

Jumped on a craps table at the Wynn, lost 75. What a great start.

T-dub got the phone call, our rooms are ready. Damn, amazing rooms and views. The curtains and lights are controlled by these little boxes. All the lights fade in and out to be more gentle on the eyes. The bedding is fantastically comfortable. The alarm clock has an ipod dock. They have a big flat panel tv that swivels around. The bathroom is huge and well designed. If I were remodeling a bathroom, I would take a few tips from this.

For dinner, we got a bit dressed up and ate at Switch. The walls... switch. No seriously, the walls and ceiling change about every 30 minutes, just to keep things fresh. Pretty cool. Oh and the steak was huge and fantastic.

Gambled some more, a bit more successful this time. Made 56 cents at penny slots and a chunk of money at craps.

Long day, sleep needed.

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