Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010.07.29 Thursday

Getting dangerously close to the end of July. Oh time. Where do you go?

Work is in a weird state of being busy, but not being rushed. Just need to keep pushing through.
Tonight is the last softball game of the season, and unfortunately I will be missing it. I think that totals 3 games that I missed, so I played I think 50% of the games, not bad. What's my reason for missing it? Just a concert.

So a couple of my good buddies that used to live in the same neighborhood, and ended up going to the same high school, were performing at Stubb's BBQ. Yeah that's right. Sure, it might be just an indoor show, but Stubb's is a pretty big deal. Their band, The Window Theatre opened first. Their show included some new songs from an EP they will be recording in August. I'm pretty excited about that. They used a few cell phones to create some feedback and encoding distortion for one of the new songs; pretty damn creative and got the audience involved. They were followed by a couple of acts from Denmark, one of which was called Strawberry Blonde. I can't remember what the other act was, but it was just a lady and her piano. After that, a band called The Steps was up. They had some technical difficulties in getting their show started, but they rocked the F out. They seem pretty big in Austin.

Then the headliner, Danny Malone. I only sampled a couple songs the night before but still had no idea what to expect. KUT sent out a representative to give the band their proper introduction. Actually, I didn't know this before, but today is Danny Malone Day, according to the mayor. Danny actually doesn't play with a full band much, he just goes up with an acoustic by himself. The performance was amazing, full of nice little effects here and there, plus some crowd participation. I was definitely surprised and enjoyed every minute of it.

Happy Danny Malone Day.

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