Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010.08.20 Friday

Woke up, cooked some bacon. Mmm. Somebody put the fan on high for the night, and my throat and lungs are pretty irritated this morning. Correlation? Maybe.

Went down to the dock(s) to get things ready for everybody. Over the past few days, the dock guy delivered the dock that was supposed to be there about 1.5 years ago. He moved things around, ran some new cables (like an idiot). At least we were able to get the boat and jetski in and out a lot easier.

Habs and Fred showed up, cooked up some lunch and relaxed. Soon after Mark and Nadia showed up. We cooked up some pizzas that I wasn't really hungry for, then headed down to the docks.

Did some kneeboarding, skiing, and wakeboarding. This is either the first or second time I had to drive for all the water sports stuff; I only remember driven for tubing and cruising before this. Took me a while, but I think I started to get the hang of it. We had to shift positions to get parts of the lake that weren't choppy water. Everybody had a go on the kneeboard, and for some reason Mark was getting tossed around on the water. It's so weird to describe it, but the water bounces you up, and then when you slam back down, the angle of the board pops you back up out of the water, causing more bouncing. I've had this happen a couple times, and nobody knows what to do for that. I figure going faster is only going to be more painful, so I tried slowing it down a bunch. Kelc tried skiing and wakeboarding, but didn't quite make it. Habibi tried some wakeboarding and took a nasty faceplant right before he was up. I have no idea how his contacts stayed in. Nadia tried kneeboarding and skiing, and was just completely natural with it. Every now and then we would all jump in the water to cool off. We made the mistake of not packing any drinks. Kelc and I also managed to lose our sunglasses before we even got on the boat. Took everybody back in to rest and rehydrate.

Habs and Fred left to be able to make other arrangements for their weekend of awesome. The rest of us took out the jetski for a quick ride. Vroom vroom.

Mark and Nadia planned out dinner quite well. They cooked all of us some excellent burgers. Super huge burgers to be exact. We wrapped up the night with some card games and wine. I think all of us will be sleeping well.

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