Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010.07.27 Tuesday

Couldn't really sleep much. I think I had too much sleep, or the driving did something weird to me.

Work was slightly upbeat. That "second half" I mentioned Thursday that I have to finish today went pretty smoothly.

Back at home, I helped Habs take off the wheels to his motorcycle. Well actually, we started working on it, then realized he needed more tools because we couldn't just hack away without the right tools for the job. Quick trip to Autozone, I grabbed an oil filter for my car (Autozone actually has a selection for the kind that I need, unlike other stores), Taylor got an air freshener, and Hab got his tools.

Quick pit stop at chik-fil-a for refueling.

Took the wheels off without much of an issue. We definitely need to remember to do everything as tight as possible when putting it back together.

Made myself a late dinner to supplement only having a sandwich at chik-fil-a. It consisted of macaroni noodles topped with a sauté of garlic and jalapenos. Turned out kinda gross and too spicy, but good experiment and was able to try out a homegrown jalapeno.

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