Monday, July 12, 2010

2010.07.11 Sunday

Today: Lakehouse day.

Spent the heat of the day inside watching some of the World Cup finals and playing SSX tricky. Sorry world, but SSX tricky is about 50 times more entertaining than the world cup. I still can't comprehend why professional soccer players typically miss the goal each kick. I played intramural soccer in college, which I know is many many times different than professional, but I scored the first time I played. And that was against people who had played before. I on the other hand, never played as a kid in any type of league or any regularity. I was more of a kickball and basketball kid, then eventually added football to the mix.

Later on, went out on the boat. Got a good amount of time kneeboarding; will be paying for it tomorrow. Finished up the night with Hand'N'Foot, and smallville.

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