Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010.07.04 Sunday

The plan was to wake up around 10:30-11 and clean up any messes and get things ready for family and friends. Actually woke up to the sound of car doors closing and vehicles leaving. Whoops.

Did a quick run around to pick up some stuff, but not too much longer and people were arriving.

Kev was really energetic about doing some diving. His dad had other plans for us initially. We helped fix a post that was cemented in the ground, but ripped out by the power of wind and water (just happen to be my two more-favorite of the Alchemy Index Thrice Albums). After that, we cooled off with a plunge to the bottom. Well, walk out about 15 feet from the shore and you may be up to your knees. After a little bit more out, it gets about 5ft deep; then right after that there is about a 6-7 foot drop (some very interesting rock formations to explore aquatic life with). Eventually we were able to find what we call our "Pier". It's a large rock structure that we built both above and below water (because the lake fluctuates a lot). What purpose does it serve? Well, when it's completely above water, it's pretty big and amazing that we moved those rocks into place. When it's below water, it becomes a nice habitat for marine life. When the water level is right below the top of it, it can double as a jumping point.

After that, we tried our luck at resetting one of the anchors for the dock. One of the previous anchors snapped right off the thick wire line, causing the dock to float closer to shore (putting the boat and jetski at higher risk for damage). Of all the people I have gone to the lake with, only Kevin and I bother with diving and exploring the waters. Also, not trying to brag but Kevin and I have gotten pretty good at conserving air for extended underwater pillages. I think I can hold my breath slightly longer than Kevin, but he has the ability to re-set his ears for the change in pressure. Once you hit about 20-25 feet, trust me, it starts getting quite painful. If only we could combine forces...

Took care of business. Then gathered a group together for a boat ride. We cruised up the lake and found a bend that seemed to be avoiding the high winds of all the storms rolling through. This allowed us to get some knee-boarding in. I only went for a few minutes, but man am I out of shape. Out of my two runs, I wrecked really awesomely on the first. I went out of the wake, did a spin, then was coming back across the wake and hit some weird edge, causing the board to shoot up and out while I did some weird starfish-style sideways cartwheel across the surface of the water. I could tell it looked awesome, but surprisingly didn't hurt that badly. My second run, I got those spins and wake crossings down better, even caught some minor air before calling it quits.

Back at the dock, I convinced Kelc to take a ride out on the jetski, just us two. We cruised around as quickly as the choppy water would allow. Also, we are both a bit timid about catching air with that thing.

Ate dinner and played games with everybody. For the sake of your ears and the health of those around you, please refrain from letting Korey do vocals on Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Played some table games, then everybody left. Except Kelc and I...

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