Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010.07.20 Tuesday

Groggy-licious. Again I'm super groggy and slow to wake up the day after working out. Not only that, but I had a hard time going to sleep last night. Why is this? I don't understand why my body is tired after I go to sleep, and not encouraging me to sleep earlier after participating in such strenuous activity. Some things I will never understand.

It's getting increasingly difficult to push forward with work. Just thinking about spending time out on the beach. Even the long-ass drive down to South Padre sounds like fun. Can't wait for sand volleyball, tennis, swimming, boogie boarding, sand castles, good food, great people. Work lately has been more about discovery of problems, and finding ways to get past these roadblocks.

After work, I took a quick nap, then went out to dinner with Kelc to meet up with Nick. He's back from Iraq. Pretty intense stuff. Sometimes I ponder about how different I would be if my life went in completely different directions.

Did random things around my room, then sleep.

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