Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010.07.06 Tuesday

An early start to today. Kelc needed to catch a flight back to DFW and get her car out of parking there. I can't imagine how terrible a parking bill must be if you somehow manage to forget that you parked a car there. Actually, once they closed down Mueller Airport (after they opened ABIA), they figured out how many cars people had ditched at the airport. Honestly, that's pretty smart. Why bother figuring out where to ditch a car when you can rack up an imaginary bill on it too.

Made it to work pretty darn early. Yay. Had to restart my computer to push some updates or something...20 minutes to reboot. Not yay.

Cranked through my work and headed home. Had an unexpected passenger on the way home. Sometimes, cables just, ya know, snap.

Spent a good deal of the evening trying to get a nicely flavored Linux dirstro up and running on an older computer. It's called Musix and just happens to be based in spanish, but is also translated to english quite well. Unfortunately, the wireless adapter I've been using with ubuntu doesn't work well with musix, and I couldn't get the sound adapter to work, and I was getting some weird errors about the OS failing to gain root access when it needs it. Otherwise, the OS seems pretty cool. When you log in, it has different profiles, or interfaces you can choose from depending on the type of work you want to do. Very cool.

Old vegetables and leftovers for dinner. Yum.

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