Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010.07.15 Thursday

Derp da derp. It's Thursday.

Today at work felt a bit faster than yesterday. Can't say that my work ethic is any better from any other day this week; it's like I have mono or something. Wish I had stereo.

Left from work to go straight to the softballs fields. Oh wait, it's not at the normal softball fields for some random reason. Oh wait, the fields we are going to are right next to a "correctional facility"... yeah *looks behind back* I guess that's cool. Nah I'm messing around. It wasn't really that scary being close to a facility; it really seemed like nothing was going on there, and that made me sad for people who spend years in such a place. Things must get pretty darn boring.

Our first game, we had 8 people just barely show up in time to play. We played the blue team (hex 0000FF blue), "Menace To Sobriety", and they had plenty of team members, most of which had most definitely swung a bat in a more competitive environment. For those who don't understand what I'm trying to say there, I'm saying that they were not at a super social level, and they had 2 more players on the field than we did. Amazingly enough, we managed to score a few runs on them, and I still had a lot of fun. The sun was right in my face though. Working on that tan...

So yeah, lost the first game, then we had a nice break until the second game of our double header. In this break, Taylor volunteered to play with another team who was a shorthanded. This team was lucky enough to also play the blue team. I think after the second inning, the score was something ridiculous like 12-0, Blue obviously winning. That's all fine and dandy, but when you know you are going to win like that, a polite thing to do is back off on the competitiveness some... Blue doesn't play that way.

Eventually our next game was ready to start. The sun was almost in the worst spot ever (right behind the pitcher) for this field. We were able to get a few more team members and got up to 10 players. I can't even believe I'm saying this, but we won this game. First win with softball. It was a pretty darn good match honestly. We played against "Playgirls", who was more of a hex 0x0090FF. Both our teams were in it for the fun, while also being slightly competitive. We were only up by a few in the last inning and we had to hold them for the win, and we did. Good times.

After that, the next game on that same field, one of the teams was down two players, so Habs and Taylor volunteered to fill in. I got to hang out with the umpire, who at first was pretty intimidating, but ended up being a pretty cool guy.

One thing I forgot to mention that could change how you envisioned this, since I spilt metal polish all over my black athletic shorts, I had to wear my burnt orange "dazzle" shorts and a bright pink t-shirt the entire evening. Pretty amazing outfit.

Wendy's for dinner, then sleeeeep.


Kelcey said...

"In this break, Taylor volunteered to play with another team who was a shorthanded."

AndySk8inMan said...

I love to sing a
About the moon a
And the june a
And the spring a

I love to sing a
About a sky of blue a
Or tea for two a
Anything a with a swing a
To an "I love you" a

I love to
I love to sing