Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010.07.07 Wednesday

Dang, already hump day. I'm not even ready yet, silly week, going too fast.

For lunch, some rudy's that other people didn't finish eating. For dinner, leftovers from Habibi's brisket. I think that's enough protein for a couple days.

Stayed late at work so we could just roll over to the kickball fields. Ended up feeling really tired and fatigued for the game, could it have something to do with the my diet? We ended up losing, but at least we kept our high spirits. Especially Whitney.

I tried out installing Ubuntu Studio. It seems a bit more sleek and clutter free than Musix, and also much more error-free. But less clutter typically means less features. The installation took probably twice as long, but startup and shutdown times are pretty darn quick. Maybe the time wasted during installation is made up for by the super fast startup and shutdown times.

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