Monday, July 26, 2010

2010.07.23 Friday - South Padre

First full day in South Padre. Slept in pretty well.

Skipped breakfast for some good beach time. The ocean was pretty hardcore today. Yesterday was rated to have 4 foot waves, which are kinda big, but today had estimated 8 foot waves. Heck yeah. Kelc and I couldn't even make it out to the second sand bar. Back on the beach, we wanted to build something in the sand, but couldn't figure out what to make, so we eventually gave up.

Went back to the pool area for a hot dog lunch. Took a mini nap next to the pool. I went to go get some balls, and before I knew it a huge game of (American) football was underway. We had young'uns, and a few old'uns. I think there were something like 15 of us playing at one point. Shirts vs skins... just kidding. We were all in swim suits, which made it pretty difficult to remember who was on what team.

Later Kevin and I went out to the second sand bar. The waves (8 on the scale) were ridiculous and relentless. I'm definitely going to feel it tomorrow.

Cleaned up and prepared for dinner. By the time we were leaving, I was already feeling exhausted from the hardcore waves. I might even have a slight concussion because I felt so out of it. We went to Daddy's for dinner. Table for 26 please....

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