Friday, July 2, 2010

2010.07.01 Thursday

Whether you like it or not, the year 2010 is halfway over.

Weather, you like it or not?

Starting to feel like I need coffee/caffeine to function. Guess I screwed that up. I started drinking coffee at a pretty early age, and probably had way too many sodas through high school thanks to band.

Today I learned that coriander is the more official name for the cilantro plant. Thanks Mark. Also didn't know that you can consume the roots and seeds/fruit from said plant. The more you know...

Speaking of plants, I went home in the evening to hang out with the family for a bit, and pick up some items. My dad already transplanted the extra tomato plant I had, and replaced it with jalapeƱo plant. Sweet. Now I just have to keep it alive and growing.

Prior to leaving for my parent's place, I called to check if they were going to be around. The instant we hung up, it started pouring outside. Later on, I drove back to my place and parked, about to go inside, and it starts pouring again. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DISPLEASE THE RAIN GODS?

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