Monday, January 30, 2012

2012.01.29 Sunday

Woke late. What could you expect from staying up until after 4am.

Grabbed some coffee then started busting my rear to clean house. I vacuumed everything, and dusted most things. Even though my parents have hardwood floors downstairs, there was a surprising amount of debris collected by the vacuum.

Also interleaved with that cleaning effort, I assisted in taking apart another bathroom. The vanity and base boards and most hardware of the half-bathroom was removed. I also unpacked some of the closet in there. While this was happening, my mother chimed in that the sink in the master bath had broke. Turns out a piece of pipe that was welded on was no longer welded on. Solution? Take the pipe from the vanity just removed from the half-bath and install it in the master bath.

Also spent time playing around on htpc stuff. I came up with the idea of having a virtual machine to be the "media server" on my host machine since it is pretty fast. It works, but does get choppy sometimes. I'll probably keep playing around with this longer than I should.

Then went to work, remotely. Kelc came over and read while I listened to music and cranked out a word document.

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