Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012.01.23 Monday

Did not get enough sleep last night. I felt like my stomach was having a hard time breaking something down.

Normal work day, with the added bonus of volleyball.

After work, I joined Habs and Taylor on a trip to the consignment center. Not really sure what to expect. Lots of cool fancy furniture, but with fancy pricetags. The cost of owning a house is still sinking in, bit by bit.

Home, ate the last of the chicken taquitos I bought from costco way back when. I played some Tomb Raider, then got to a part in the game where my game wouldn't load a crucial component to finish the level... it was just missing. Supposedly, this is a known bug, but has no known solution except sometimes restarting the level. Well I did that, and it still didn't load. I'm on the second to last section of the game, so I'm calling it "done". It was fun, but I would not have paid full price for that game. It felt way too buggy and cludgy, but also great level designs. As far as replay value, probably zero? I mean, I have a bunch of cheats unlocked, but I'm already done, so there is no point.

Did some house scoping, then waited up for Kelc. Then she texted me late saying she wasn't coming over... nice ... guess I'll go to bed.

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