Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012.01.17 Tuesday

Typical of mornings after running, I was groggy. Around 30 minutes before my alarm was expected to go off, I remember thinking about how deep of sleep I'm in.. then my thoughts drifted away to nothingness. Peace reigned for a short period of time, then BRAPP and my alarm started blaring a less than preferable Spoon song, I Turn My Camera On. I need to make myself a good morning song playlist.

We had enough people to play some vball today, so game on. I could feel my leg muscles tensing up from the running I did yesterday. Full soreness will probably set in tomorrow.

Left a tad later than planned, but still made it home in reasonable time. Ate dinner and cleaned up. Then played some more Tomb Raider. I'm about halfway done, and maybe 7 hours in. Next up in the queue is Mass Effect, maybe. Mark says I don't need to worry about the story and dialog that much; Habs disagrees saying the story is where the value is. The little that I did play felt taxing on me. Instead of being able to sit back and smash buttons, I had to listen to people talk on and on about some imaginary stuff. Definitely not my normal preference in gaming, but I had been recommended to try it, and I got it on sale.

Went to HEB for a late night shopping adventure. I'm planning on cooking up some pork ribs over this weekend. We so excited.

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