Friday, January 27, 2012

2012.01.27 Friday

Had a little bit of a changeup this morning; no carpooling. Then for lunch a group of work people went over to Ichiban.

Left work about normal time for a Friday, but instead of going home I went to UT Campus to attend a seminar about acoustic forensics that a coworker was presenting. Pretty darn cool and I learned a few things about acoustics that I did not know.

After the seminar and discussions, I met my parents for a dinner at Amaya's Taco Village. A lady was enjoying a retirement party, and brought a lot of family and friends to celebrate. It's awesome to be able to retire at 55.

Back at home, Kelc came over and we talked and did some research into schools/jobs. Then I started playing around with an HTPC idea I had brewing.

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