Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012.01.25 Wednesday - First Day of Last Class

Super grog morning. The storms and car alarms ruined my sleeping.

Work was hectic, but in a manageable way. Luckily the interruptions were cut off early by *drum roll please* the first day of my last class in a graduate program. *the crowd goes wild* We started the class off strong with some subs, and the first class was mostly an introduction, so no stress at all.

Went home, ate dinner #2 which consisted of soup, then cleaned up in the kitchen. Gotta do my fair share, right?

Spent the little portion of remaining day to play Mass Effect. My initial impression is that it throws you into a battle that is difficult when you are new to the game, so you have to adjust the difficulty level. Second is that it takes forever to get to exciting parts; instead the game shoves the story in your face, and keeps adding more and more names to remember, and the drama between everybody. Third is that everybody in your squad sucks to start with. I'll keep plowing along though, just wanted to get my initial thoughts down somewhere, and maybe I can comment on how my feelings change through the game.

In bed a tad early.

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