Monday, January 9, 2012

2012.01.09 Monday - National Crapionship Game

Woke up somewhere in the middle of being refreshed and really groggy. Maybe even a little of both.

Normal work day, mostly. No volleyball because it is cold and rainy.

Hasbro and I took the toll roads home to see how that would go. As most tolls are, there is less traffic. Even with the rain the speeds were maintained pretty high, unlike the normal roads. We will have to do some more number crunching to determine the value of toll versus the more direct route.

So let's see here. I'm going to make some assumptions based on my car, the times are approximate, and the cost of gas is around what most stations have currently.

Short Route:
Distance - 17.5 miles
Assuming worst-case mpg (traffic times) - 20mpg
Cost of gas - $3.15
Time - Upwards of 50 minutes

Cost of Short: $2.76 and 50 mins of time

Long (Toll) Route:
Distance - 36.1 miles
Assuming best-case mpg (cruising with open roads) - 29 mpg
Cost of gas - $3.15
Time - As low as 35 minutes

Cost of Long: $3.79 + $4 toll and 35 mins of time

This may boil down to determining a price to maintain sanity on heavy traffic days. Maybe.

Home, ate some food. Then over to Habs to watch the college football national championship game. What a let down. The game had one touchdown that was pretty bad looking. How the heck is the SEC ranked so highly? Are strong defenses really that valuable if you don't have any offense whatsoever?

Stopped by HEB and picked up lots of random things. Quinoa, local honey, pistachios, organic bananas, and of course coffee.

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