Monday, July 25, 2011

2011.07.23 Saturday - SPI

Woke up a bit on the late side again. It's amazing how black-out curtains make sleeping last a lot longer. Got myself covered in lotion again, and headed down to the table. Oh and I took my phone out of rice this morning and ... (drum roll) ... it works! A cheap and quick fix.

Not a lot going on around the pool today, so I went down to the beach. I played some football with the guys, and dug some holes for sand structures. The stunt kite turned out to be rather difficult to fly, but when it flew it was awesome.

Later on, a few in our group found some random strangers to start up a football game with. I was feeling pretty exhausted and wanted to just lay down in the shade. Later into the game, I became the referee and quickly made enemies.

Back up at the pool, I grabbed myself one of the awesome hamburgers. This was roughly 4pm, and as soon as I sit down to eat, I find out that we are going to be trying to make dinner at 6pm. Cool.

Dinner tonight was at Blackbeard's. We were told we could get the big room for our party of ~35 people, but when we arrived, another group had claimed the territory about 30 minutes prior. Instead, we got to split up our group among 3 tables, the girls, the boys, and the adults. I was summoned to eat with the adults. I sat with Chelsea and we talked about various social clubs and things to do now that it is a bit more difficult to network outside of college. Also talked about running and marathons and sports.

At some point during dinner, somebody dropped their iphone causing the screen to shatter and rendering the phone now useless. This was seen as prime opportunity to allow more pranking. A few of the peeps would pretend to drop their phone by unsuspecting victims, and make them freak out about breaking it. Pretty funny.

Back at the hotel, we went down to the volleyball court to hit the ball around while everybody else was getting ready (for volleyball). We ended up playing a bunch of vennis with 4-person groups. The "dream team" led a 3-win streak before finally being knocked out by "average joes". I guess it was better that we played vennis, so we didn't have to deal with sand. Very fun with so many people around. (This version of vennis allowed 2 ground bounces and 2 hits before having to get back over the net, and we played with a volleyball)


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