Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011.07.20 Wednesday

Slept in a little bit today. Staying up late after running is a bad choice.

Worked an extended day, with no lunch time and limited breaks. Awesome stuff.

Went out to our 2nd-to-last kickball game of the season. The team we were playing against...didn't show up. Bummer. (On the plus side, I believe a no-show equates to a fine for the team not showing up, and that possibly goes towards a bar tab for us later) We were able to scrounge up enough random people on the fields to play a for-fun scrimmage. Unfortunately this included a guy that we had known was pretty douchey. According to a few of our teammates, he doesn't change even when the game is for-fun. Oh well. I still had a good time; managed to crack some jokes.

Picked up a late dinner at chik-fil-a. Got home and started some laundry and went to bed.

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