Monday, July 4, 2011

2011.07.03 Sunday - BCS

Took it easy today. Easy breakfast of bananas.

Played Mario Wii for a good chunk of the day. Everybody really just relaxing and enjoying the company of one another. In the afternoon we decided to watch the movie The Adjustment Bureau. I found it enjoyable and entertaining because it was different. That is one thing that I wish the movie industry was more comfortable with... change.


Upon leaving BCS, got some pretty terrifying news that Kelc's brother, Kevin, is in the hospital after a bad head injury. I spent the drive in a haze thinking about what had happened, and upset that I wasn't there. Paul took a much needed nap while I drove on the rather empty highways back to Austin.

I sat around at home not really sure of what to do with myself any more. I unpacked and cleaned myself up a bit, then sat and stared at the TV unaware of what was even on.

Eventually Kelc came over to get some sleep. She explained the situation a bit more, but mostly we will just be waiting for now.

Bear with me for the next few posts. First off, there is a good chance I will be late in updating as my priorities are very different than normal. Secondly, I don't mean any disrespect with anything I post; some things might sound self-centered, but to me this blog almost like an open diary/journal and I post information for myself to look back upon. I also feel uncomfortable posting information about other people's family members, so some parts might seem sparing.

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