Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011.07.06 Weds - ICU

Slept from about 6:45a to 2pm.

Upon waking up, I checked my text messages and found that Kelc had said to call her whenever I was awake to hear some good news. Apparently Kevin has had the breathing tube removed and just has an oxygen mask on now until they feel he can get enough on his own. He is also already talking, and complaining about how uncomfortable the bed is. It probably does not feel that great to be laying there for multiple days.

I gathered my things then headed over to my house. I prepared some lunch, did laundry, took a shower and shaved, and watered my plants while getting bitten by fire ants. Productive and painful.

In the afternoon I left to go hang out at the hospital again. There were friends lined up for a chance to see him and give them their support. The visiting hours at the ICU are pretty crazy, and if the nurses or doctors want you gone, you are out of there. I was able to say hi, and told him to stay strong, but get some rest if possible.

Evening time rolled around, and everybody packed up everything to leave. I went home with the family to spend some time.

Eventually it was time for them to go back for the last little chunk of visitation time. I decided to go to my kickball game. From here on out, the primary focus is going to be giving Kevin as much rest as possible to let his body recovery as fast as possible.

We lost our kickball game, but had a blast in the process.

Once home, I ate some leftovers and tried taking melatonin to encourage sleepiness. I still had difficulty sleeping. I am crazy happy how things have turned out so far.

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