Monday, July 25, 2011

2011.07.22 Friday - SPI

Off and on sleeping until about noon. Everybody else already woke up and got ready for the day and left.

I spent some of the day out at the beach, some at the table chatting with various people I get to see about once/year. I did get some harassment about what my future marriage plans are, and how many kids I want to have, and all that stuff. Thanks.

Side story: I put my phone in a bag that was sitting next to our table. I guess either water from random towels or a volleyball dripped into my back and made a tiny puddle. My phone was not working and the wet sensor was fully red. Uh oh. I took the battery and sim card out, shook and blew out all the water I could and let the phone sit for a while. When I put the battery in, the phone starts booting up (normally you have to push buttons for that to happen). I took the battery back out and told the guys who were going to Walmart to pick up some rice.

We left to Louie's for a late buffet dinner. I ate more crab than I ever have in my life, partially because I don't care for seafood. On Fridays they do fireworks, so that was fun. After we goofed around with paying the bill, we hopped over to DQ for dessert. Chelsea and Torie wanted me to go with them to purchase a kite since the mallard kite broke. I nudged them towards getting a stunt kite.

Back to the hotel. Packed my phone in rice and listened to stories of crazy pranks.

Played a few card games back at the resort, then went to bed.

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