Friday, July 15, 2011

2011.07.13 Wednesday - Florida

Woke up today and packed up for a beach outing. Destination: Fort De Soto

On the way there, we stopped by Subway for a to-go, easy lunch. There was a young lady working there, that I am guessing was her first day. She seemed really bummed out and sighed every couple minutes. Cheer up, buttercup.

Paid a few tolls on the way there. Arrived and headed towards the "Historic Fort" only to find out that it was closed for restoration. Continued on around to the beaches. Unfortunately there were more people than the other times we have been here; not crowded, but less personal.

We walked around the beaches and found an area that said "no swimming, dangerous currents". So what did we do? Went swimming. Also found a stingray in the process of swimming here.

Drove back to the hotel. Played "the iPod game" on the way back. It's just a music identification game.

For dinner, we went over to PJ's. There we stapled up some dollars to their wall. Thanks Kelly.

Spent a little time with Nana again, but it was close to her bed time.

Back to the hotel.. then sleep.

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