Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011.04.27 Wednesday

Oh my goodness. I could not sleep last night. My stomach was cramping up and I was rolling around in pain. Either this is terrible acid indigestion, or I have some stomach flu or food poisoning (again).

Spent most of the day not really doing much. Tried to force myself to get fluids and food back in me.

I finished transferring files over to the new 2TB drive, and did some tests on it. Seems like the new drive is faster, even though the spin rate is slower. I really should look into getting a fast primary drive for the OS and programs.

Later on, I made a stop at Fry's electronics. Felt like I need a new keyboard. I feel like that store has changed quite a bit. They confronted me right as I entered the store about their "price guarantee" which will beat any advertised price, even online. As I did my shopping, I noticed how a lot of their stock is not the typical brands that I would be purchasing. I am disappoint.

Watched Mythbusters and cooked up potatos and Mac and cheese. Hooray.

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