Monday, April 4, 2011

2011.04.04 Monday

Bleh. I couldn't sleep last night, which translates to a gross morning. Not only that, but it feels super humid everywhere, and temps are all off.

Worked an extended day, diving further into a project to try and make some headway. It seems weird to try hard at this point, because technically they have already populated a list of who is eligible for the axe.

Hop, skipped and jumped over to the softball fields for our flag football game. The weather was all over the place, cold, gusty, non-gusty, warm, sunny, cloudy, you name it. Somehow, we still pulled through with a W, so now we are 3-1. Not bad. Hopefully next week we will have some more players to swap in and out so we don't wear out as fast.

Afterwards, we went to Doc's to celebrate. I had a Flowda Plowda (Flauta Platter). Good choice by Taylor.

Home, sleep.

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