Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011.04.15 Friday

Woke up fashionably late. Today's first priority: skatepark. I arrived at about 10am, and to my surprise there were a few sponsored skaters there taking video, so you might see me in the background of some skate videos soon.

After I got my grind on, I grabbed some chik-fil-a for lunch with Paul. We chit-chatted about random things, slightly philosophical.

Back at home, I got back to work on homework, with a few breaks for left for dead 2 and portal.

I spent the evening with Tyler to show him how solder works. He's wanting to get into circuit building and making effect pedals for a unique sound. Turns out he has tons of awesome music gear, so I know who I will be bugging whenever I want to record things.

Late night sonic snack, watched Arrested Development while I fell asleep around 11ish. What an interesting Friday night.

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